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RootShield has been used by professional growers for more than 15 years!  Here are some praises for its effectiveness:

Using RootShield exclusively on our cyclamen and Christmas cactus crops with astounding results...costs of fungicide treatment cut roughly in half...loss percentages are at an all-time low...cost savings have been significant...plan to use RootShield on bedding plants and geraniums"

- Lehighton, PA

Using RootShield, our results were outstanding...geraniums finished 10 days earlier than normal...impatiens 14 days earlier with no root problems and flowers 20% larger...bedding flats finished 5 days ahead of schedule and were much greener and healthier...90,000 Christmas cactus cuttings had no root diseases...poinsettia stock had no soil-born diseases...all crops used 20% less fertilizers because the plants have more roots and utilize the fertilizers better..."

- McAdoo, PA

We trialed RootShield in our vegetable plug production operation and were very satisfied with the disease control results...reduced need for chemicals is important to us...customers noticed improved plant quality.

- Southern CA