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RootShield®  Home & Garden
Biological Fungicide Drench for Vegetable & Flower Crops

EPA Registered/OMRI Listed

RootShield® Home & Garden is a natural control for damping off and root rots for all your vegetables and flowers.  Used by professional growers for years, now available for the home gardener.

Don't let root disease ruin your vegetable and flower crops
Harmful damping-off fungi like Pythium  and Fusarium cause root diseases that can devastate your most promising vegetable, annual and perennial plants.  You need RootShield to set up a natural defensive barrier -- right from the start!

The active ingredient is Trichoderma harzianum, strain T-22 -- University-developed and tested for over 18 years. This beneficial fungus forms a natural bond, "shielding" your plant's roots, with one application protecting them for up to 3 months from invading, root-damaging soil diseases.  Use as a soil drench in the garden.  1 - 2 tablespoons mixed with 1 gallon of water protects 25 ft. of planting row, or approximately 100 sq. ft.

Enhances the Root System
  • Promotes faster root development - especially feeder root hairs
  • Protects against root diseases to allow root systems to reach their maximum potential for greater soil exploration
  • Provides prolonged protection against root damaging fungi

A Healthy Plant Starts with a Healthy Root System

  • Increases root mass, enabling greater nutrient and moisture uptake.
  • The active ingredient in RootShield releases compounds that make nutrients more available to the plant
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for chemical fungicides

EPA Registered and Safe to Use

  • Used by organic growers throughout the U.S.
  • Can be used in rotation with insecticides, rooting compounds, fertilizers and most fungicides - no plant injury has been reported
  • EPA rating of "exemption from tolerance"

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