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Biological Control for Fungus Gnats and Western Flower Thrips

Exempt from EPA Registration

NemaShield® beneficial nematodes (Steinernema feltiae) provide excellent biological control for fungus gnats and Western Flower Thrips.

Beneficial nematodes eliminate damaging fungus gnat larvae. A single application of NemaShield beneficial nematodes is sufficient for preventing fungus gnat outbreaks, or for control in the beginning phase of an outbreak.

NemaShield is effective in a Western Flower Thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis) control program to help disrupt the portion of the life cycle that occurs in the growing medium, which will decrease the adult population. This ensures that your plants have the most vigorous root system possible. It is safe and easy to use on all plants at any growth stage.  


  • Fast, effective biological control for fungus gnat larvae and Western Flower Thrips pre-pupae and pupae in the growing medium
  • Easy and safe to apply
  • Exempt from EPA regulations
  • Compatible with many pesticides
  • Fast, overnight delivery - included price!


Fungus Gnat Control:  Apply NemaShield when fungus gnats are present, but at low population density. After application, NemaShield nematodes actively seek out fungus gnat larvae, enter the larval body, and kill the larva within a few days. Reapply within 2 weeks, or sooner if infestations are moderate to heavy.

Western Flower Thrips Control:  Nematodes should be applied to the potting media at rates recommended for fungus gnat larval control.

One unit of NemaShield contains 100 million nematodes.
For detailed instructions, see
NemaShield Rates and Application Instructions.
For small volume rates, see Interiorscape Recommendations.
See FAQ for more questions/answers.

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