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For 20 years, BioWorks has been an industry leader in providing environmentally responsible, safe, and cost-effective solutions to the growing needs of the horticulture industry.

BioWorks’ pesticide products are EPA Registered (unless exempt), and most are OMRI-Listed for organic growing. As the sustainability movement and the demand for biocontrols continues, BioWorks will continue to provide tools and services to help growers achieve the highest levels of insect and disease control that are safer (both for the environment and for employees) and effective.

  • RootShield® Home & Garden biological fungicide - prevents root rot
  • MilStop® foliar fungicide - controls powdery mildews
  • BotaniGard® 22WP biological insecticide - controls whitefly, thrips, aphids, and many more insects! 

  • NemaShield® beneficial nematodes - biological control for fungus gnats and Western Flower Thrips

Environmentally Responsible * Effective Alternative to Chemicals * EPA Registered